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Author Visits like NONE you've ever imagined!

Puppets, books, magic, humor and a fun time that promotes READING, not selling books!

Educational presentations that have the children in rapt attention.


RalphDeanTim Adams

Find out what everyone is talking about. There is a reason that Tim Adams is one of the busiest educational entertainer in the country. Comedy, magic, storytelling, and an incredible ability to connect with an audience of children. If you want your students to have a great time while learning curriculum-based concepts, don't hesitate--call Tim today!

Based in the Chicago area of Illinois and serving the entire state


Fun Math Assembly ProgramJohn Carlson
1-888-55-MAGIC (toll-free)

John Carlson is the busiest educational entertainer in the Northeast simply because the programs he offers are in high demand. Every program features magic, ventriloquism, comedy, audience participation, and the magical appearance of a live dove and bunny rabbit. Audience members will laugh, learn, and be inspired to read.

Based in New Jersey; some programs available nationwide.


RalphDeanRalph Dean Productions

Programs that are so fun, kids don't know they are learning! At Ralph Dean Productions we are serious about bringing you shows that are both entertaining and educationally significant. By weaving different aspects of education together, our shows provide a spellbinding combination of reading, storytelling, and audience participation to teach and entertain chidlren.

Based in Northern California; some programs available nationwide.

JulianFranklinJulian Franklin Productions
1-888-648-1121 (toll-free)

ALL our programs promote reading and library media center resources, but because they tie in directly with the curriculum they are easy to sell to principals and can even be co-funded with other funds (counselors, red ribbon money, title one funds, local funds, discretionary funds, PTA, etc.). Check out our web site for more information on our certified presenters, our diverse program offerings, raving testimonials, and to see some of the thousands of schools where we have presented before. Teacher in-service programs also available!

Based in Texas; several programs available nationwide.


BobGoodin Bob Goodin Productions

Dr. Bob's programs are age/grade level appropriate and are based on state mandated curriculum. Kids love the presentations because they are fun. Librarians love them because they promote self-directed education through the use of library resources. Teachers and principals love them because they make learning fun and stimulate children to read and learn more.

Based in Kansas and surrounding states; Some programs available nationwide.


TommyJohnsTommy Johns Presents
1-866-490-READ (toll-free)

"We inspire kids to READ!" It's not our slogan - it's our mission at Tommy Johns Presents! From shows that simply talk about all that good readers can do, to teaching the Scientific Process, Simple Machines, or concepts of Geography, our programs get kids racing to the library to check out books and READ! Teacher in-service programs also available!

Based in Georgia and surrounding states; Several programs available nationwide.

Curt Nelson / Slightly Illusional

As a middle and high school science teacher, I've seen firsthand how incorporating visual demonstrations and humor helps students learn faster and remember longer. That's why I intentionally make my programs fun and educationally significant. Check out the web site to see how we can partner together to make learning fun!

Based in Oregon and surrounding states; some programs available nationwide.


Robb PreskinsRobb Preskins

Your students will hurt from laughter after a visit from "Awesome Robb" Preskins. Robb is able to take the most difficult subject matter and turn it into a hilarious and engaging presentation that will have everyone in rapt attention. Learning has never been as fun as it with Awesome Robb. He is definitely one FUN teacher!

Based in Massachusetts and also serving Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

SandiSchulteSandi Schulte

Each of our programs is designed to motivate your elementary age readers to explore the library, find new kinds of books, and read! Our programs teach kids about science, geography, other cultures, character education, and of course, picking up a book every day!

Based in Tennessee and surrounding states; some programs available nationwide.

Steve Somers / Amazing Teacher
1-866-698-5630 (toll-free)

At Amazing Teacher our mission is simple: to create and deliver "educationally significant" assembly programs that motivate children to read. Since reading is the foundation of a great education we believe every program should inspire children to read books. In this way, we cooperate with schools, libraries and other institutions dedicated to providing an excellent education to children. Teacher in-service programs also available.

Based in North Carolina and surrounding states; some programs available nationwide.

Edward UpthegroveEdward Upthegrove Productions
(863) 673-3491
His philosophy is simple, If you have a childs attention, dont waste it! Teach him or her something that can make a difference.  More than a motivator, more than an educator, MUCH more than an entertainer, Edward Upthegrove can bring one of many programs to your school or library that will teach, entertain and encourage your young people to take action!
Based in Florida; some programs available nationwide.

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