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Author Visits like NONE you've ever imagined!

Puppets, books, magic, humor and a fun time that promotes READING, not selling books!

Educational presentations that have the children in rapt attention.


Roosevelt Rat is dedicated to serving the needs of schools, public libraries, and other educational institutions who want engaging assembly programs that educate and inspire students.

"When children tell everyone they meet about what they saw and learned, you know the program was excellent. I really don't know how you could improve your programs" --Kathryn King; Bellville Public Library


Roosevelt Rat and his friends have visited more than seven hundred public libraries, almost three thousand individual schools, and literally millions of children across the United States. Roosevelt Rat has motivational programs for children from Pre-K all the way through 12th grade, and even offers staff development. His school assembly programs cover a wide range of topics including Geography, History, American History, Elementary Math, Advanced Math (5th - 12th), Diversity, Bullying, Drug & Violence Education, Winter Festivals, Introductory Physics (The Six Simple Machines), The Writing Process, and Science with new programs being added every year.

"I really appreciate a program that provides an educational opportunity and still the children enjoy themselves and are entertained. I love the way the show was interrelated, the building of the objectives, the sneaky way facts are put it, and your wonderful audience control."
--Ms. Wheeler; Lyon Elem.


Every program promotes reading and library use. It is a dominant theme in each and every production because study after study has shown that children who read for pleasure score higher on any and all tests when compared as a group to those who do not read for pleasure. It doesn't matter what children read; comics, newspapers, fiction, non-fiction, or even their sister's diary...well, maybe not that. Therefore Roosevelt Rat's primary objective in each program is to motivate the students to use the library to find the books that interest them and continue the learning process through self-directed learning.

"I've never seen another library program that has so inspired and motivated our kids to read! They were literally begging for books."
--Monica Neal; Tuttle Branch Library in Houston



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