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Author Visits like NONE you've ever imagined!

Puppets, books, magic, humor and a fun time that promotes READING, not selling books!

Educational presentations that have the children in rapt attention.


If, after reading the testimonials below and reading what your peers write about the show in their own words, you are still unsure, please contact us and we can fax over any of the 2,000+ pages of hand written testimonials we've received over the years.


"On a scale from one to five, your show is a TEN!"   --Janet Basemore; Moore Memorial Library

"Your performance includes messages of value, but those messages would not get through to the children without your excellent 'crowd control'.  Still, what stands out most in my memory are the faces of the children, the teachers, and the administrators as we all shared the sheer joy of the performance!"  --Stafanni Lynch; Smith Elementary; Magnolia


"Both the kids and the adults were engaged and entertained by the educational and magical aspects of your performance. Can't wait to have you back next year."   --Lisa Jackson; Pasadena Public Library

"You had the entire audience eating out of your hand and having a blast. And the best part is that everyone got the message--not because you told them about the value of reading, but because you showed some of the books you loved and how they impacted all that you do. I can't wait to have you back next year!"   --Denise Bowman; Bayshore Elementary

"When children tell everyone they meet about what they saw and learned, you know the program was excellent. Even some of the youngest children are still telling us facts about history! I really don't know how you could possibly improve your show. Almost fifty kids sat on a hard floor for an hour and enjoyed every minute of it. That is a superb production."   --Kathryn King; Bellville Library

"Thoroughly entertaining!! I was very impressed...I highly recommend this company for a program."   --Vicki Powers; Winterman Library

"Kids and parents are still coming in with positive comments about his show and asking if we are going to have you again next year...you're excellent."   --Maureen Ambrosino; First Colony Branch Library

"On a scale from one to five, you are a TEN! The children were totally engaged. The next day at the library the children were all trying to check out the books on your list."   --Ms. Scott; Hunter's Glen Elementary

"If, on a scale from one to five, five means the best, most outstanding, complete excellence, etc.  Then your show is 5+++  You are so pleasant and easy to work with: organized, dependable, on time.  You have a gift - connecting with children of all ages.  Your program had our students totally spellbound from beginning to end."  --Susan Link; Colony Bend Elementary; Sugar Land

"Roosevelt Rat did exactly what he said he would do.  He entertained the kids, taught them some  History and left them begging to go to the library.  The kids were really motivated to read."
--Traci Hyde; Royalwood Elementary; Sheldon ISD


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